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Genuinely Authentic or Genuinely Fake

image001I was recently reminded of an old Seth Godin post I liked entitled, ”When you stand for something” check it out.

The point of this post isn’t about how to be  Authentic and certainly it’s not about being fake.

It is about being:
Genuine: free from hypocrisy or pretense

Being genuinely fake is a choice that is perfectly alright since your not purposely deceiving.

What I dislike the most is when something tries to be and is conveyed as Authentic but is not Genuinely Authentic. This can be people, processes, strategies,  rules or products that are conveyed as authentic but clearly are not and everyone knows it.

One example would be a rule that is strictly enforced but not in all cases, but instead of being transparent as to why there are those cases folks simply pretend they don’t exist.

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If it is Genuinely then definitely i should be authentic.

August 9, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbuy printers

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